Laser hollow three-dimensional light and shadow book

As the saying goes: "The book itself millennium millet, the book own house of gold, the book's own jade"
A paragraph of text, recorded the author's track record, a first poetry, to express his inner feelings, each page in the book full of truth pictures, exudes a fragrant ink. So, do you think ink is the exclusive book? Do you want to read the story book for children? Let's take a look at how Laser Hollow Technology presents a different visual feast for you and gives you a surprise reading tour.

This is a very creative three-dimensional light and shadow book, adapted from Disney reality classic film "Beauty and the Beast," the book each scene using exquisite laser engraving technology to show the three-dimensional multi-level scene, shape With the Chinese art of silhouette, crafted, the details are handled perfectly, giving a fantastic view of the movie experience.

Light & Shadow Picture Book This picture is selected from the children's favorite storybook such as Little Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots, and Blue Beard. The exquisite laser hollow design with exciting texts gives the reader an extremely vivid story Scene, full of children's imagination and curiosity.



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