What is the food laser engraving process?

Have to say that the creative world is really omnipotent, laser technology is really endless. Even a simple toast, a piece of ordinary biscuits, a fragile egg, but also to design new tricks, into new stuff.

Today, together with the laser sister inventory of food in the laser engraving process
The food and laser technology meet
This series of "art bread", the laser drawn Jobs, Obama, Monroe, cartoons and other images, not only restore the high price of up to 20 dollars.

Pieces of "Jew" biscuits, online users abroad collected a large number of graphics and to be processed, and then use the laser engraving machine engraved on the unleavened cake so exquisite images.

A piece of "flower clothes" like seaweed by the laser cut cherry, water jade, tortoises shell and other designs, contains the good, good luck, longevity and other wishes.

At the beginning, traders used laser to characterize the fruit, just to better manage the sale of goods. Now, however, carved characters such as magic beans have evolved into an expression of holiday greetings.

Originally using laser marking on the eggs, but also for healthier, and prevent the goods have been tampered with, but now many businesses open their brains, the use of laser painting on eggs, eggs from food evolved into works of art.

Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs laser marking purpose is to solve the problem of "fake", if the crabs on the drawing, crabs can become a work of art.

For foodies, mouth enough to eat, eyes also wanting to work. These laser processed foods, it is really pleasing, just look at all very enjoyable!



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