How to engrave on wood by laser cutting machine?

Wood craft gifts have spread and prevailed since ancient times, through a variety of wood raw materials to varying degrees of modification, and then give wood products certain artistic value and economic value. Modification of wood products, including friction, hollow, carving and other processes, processing methods are machine-made, there are pure hand-made, semi-machine semi-hand-made, with their own characteristics.

Wood products, as one of the most widely used materials for laser processing, process as the painter paints on blank paper, but "paper" becomes "wood", "brush" becomes "laser" and "hand" Become a "laser head." In the field of wood handicraft processing, the laser is mainly used for cutting, hollowing and carving. While giving the new raw wood raw materials, the old flavor is preserved. The custom color of the handicrafts is customized, and the "laser aesthetics" with different styles is deduced.
1 Strap

2 jewelry

3 lighting


5 notebooks

Cutting, engraving, hollow, after laser processing of wood craft gifts is really changing ah, in addition to laser sister above listed these, there are a lot of ... any metal, plastic, acrylic, leather and other materials, craft gifts can try Wood products instead, and through the laser equipment to assist the completion. As long as you want to leave a little art for the side, leaving a little fashion, leaving a little technology, the laser can help you achieve one by one!

Hunst laser for you to recommend: ETC-1390 CO2 laser cutting / engraving machine

The core configuration of laser, mirror and focusing mirror of this device adopts the best quality brand both at home and abroad to ensure both performance and stability of the equipment. Suitable for wood and bamboo products, paper, plastic, leather, fabrics, acrylic and other non-metallic materials processing. Powerful numerical control programming software combined with high-performance fuselage, to solve the variety of process gifts, customization, high degree of difficulty, is the necessary wood processing tools gift processing tools.



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