Laser engraving machine how to carve on the mahjong?

What is Mahjong? Mahjong originated in China, is the game invented by ancient Chinese game.
Do you know what are the benefits of playing mahjong? Let the laser girl give you details.
Playing mahjong process need to keep the hands with the completion of Xi card, license plate, draw card, card, touch card, change cards, cards, down cards, push cards and a dozen other moves, which helps exercise fingers flexibility.
Mahjong is an entertaining game for holidays and weekend parties. Compared with a group of people playing mobile phones, playing mahjong can mobilize the atmosphere of the party.

Mahjong is the most common in two materials. One is a melamine resin with white front and blue and green back. One is crystal acrylic, was transparent shape. With the continuous improvement of people's aesthetics and the popularization of laser engraving technology, people not only use the laser engraving machine to engrave the positive number of the mahjong, but also customize the pattern on the back of the mahjong to make the mahjong become a vivid Mahjong.

Fun in the laser engraving machine, a variety of anime images, cartoon characters, big logo, sweet words have appeared in the palm of the hand mahjong.
So, Mahjong laser engraving process What are the technical characteristics?
laser engraving graphics unlimited, a molding, rapid prototyping
laser engraving bubble-free, no color, do not fade, durable
laser engraving fine workmanship, feel warm jade, ingenuity
laser engraving process does not produce toxic and harmful gases, safety and environmental protection

laser engraving for permanent processing, writing clear, permanent molding



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