Have you seen such a creative notebook?

This is an information age, but the text on paper is always more real and powerful than the text on the screen. We always need a notebook to record notes when work and study, because it can help us silently like a friend.
Good text requires a good laptop to manage. Every idea is a new life to create, and laser design, so that ordinary notebook also has spring.

From Jenni Bick produced wooden laser laser cutting notebook cover, hollow and engraving design with the title page of the pure beauty, very interesting. Birds flowers, animal world, geometric figures, all the beautiful world shape ... Through the color of the title page, as painting general, very sense of design and technology.

Laser design can be many ways, the same laser cutting, laser engraving, laser marking and other processes, but can not be changed, to create thousands of kinds of design results.

Laser design to improve the ancient hollow production process, so that wooden hollow processing more in line with contemporary production standardization needs. On the one hand, the workers' hands are liberated and the damage caused by the traditional craftsmanship to the workers is solved; on the other hand, the design brought by the laser creates value, the perfect life is inspired by the laser, and the individual annotation attitude created by the laser!

ETC1309 laser engraving / cutting machine

Gather laser cutting, laser engraving, laser hollow and other processes as a whole, suitable for wood products, paper, plastic, leather, fabrics, acrylic and other non-metallic materials processing. Laser tube, laser mirrors and laser focusing lens and other core configurations are the best quality brand at home and abroad to ensure equipment performance and stability of both. Powerful NC programming software combined with high-performance fuselage, to solve the variety of stationery processing, customization and other high degree of difficulty, non-metallic products necessary processing tools.



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