How to choose acrylic laser engraving machine?

The choice of laser engraving for acrylic, we recommend Hunst Laser the model ETC - 1390, which is the new brand and commonly used laser cutting machine. The machine is based on an updated version of general models that cut more smoothly. It has more simple and convenient maintenance, which cutting effect is better.
How to engrave out of fancy acrylic products? First one we should notice is that pay attention to the speed of engraving, the speed should be moderate. Secondly, it should be flat and stable when engraving. Meeting the requirements of these two, laser equipment specialist Hunst Laser will make the most out of it to satisfy you, Whether you want to cut above shining cosmetics booth or engrave all kinds of crystal words. The humanized design with independent research and development of all offline controller makes it more convenient and accurate. It is the first selection of acrylic laser engraving technology.

Beautiful acrylic together with high-speed and high-precision laser cutting machine is awesome. Through laser equipment, various exquisite acrylic products presented in people's eyes. Hunst Laser brings you a different surprise of the imagination.



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