How Laser marking to high level

When it comes to lasermarking, who will not familiar with it?
Tell them:
Mobile phone shell , logo , words, bar code, keyboard, TV, switch, refrigerator , washer , sand pot , feeding-bottle, and printing on the clothes, the decorative pattern on the shoes and so on.
They are all masterpiece of laser.
Laser marking with high quality and good appearance
With the development of science and technology, people are increasingly demanding the quality of their products. Traditional ink printing or paper label products are easy to fade away and have a potential safety hazard. Laser marking on keyboard, shell will never fade, which is safe and environmental protection.

Besides the quality, nowadays people's aesthetic interest is higher and higher.
Take a look at the logo, text and icon made by traditional , and then look at the effects of the laser marking, the level was improved quite a bit.

Laser marking with high efficiency
Why the laser integrate into every aspect of our lives so fast?
The laser marking with high quality and good looks has already been said.
The main point is that laser marking is high efficient.
The laser marking eliminates the traditional "inkjet" and other expensive consumables and saves a lot of cost while improving efficiency and quality. It really did it fast and good!

Laser marking for personal customization

If you can also make a personal reservation, where would you choose? What patterns will be engraved on? Own name, qr code , or customized gifts for friends.



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