How to use the laser marking machine marking on buttons?

Initially, the role of buttons in ancient Rome was decorated. Later, gradually evolved into a cloak of the cloak.Now, in order to highlight the key points of the clothes, buttons back to the fashion arena. Designers use advanced laser engraving techniques to enrich the button pattern. Thereby further enhancing the decorative function.
Small buttons, big heaven and earth. In the costume design, the combination of points, lines, and surface is essential, and the buttons as a form of the point, the clothing design line extension and connection role. In a simple dress on the same size but close the buttons, even if not in color and material to distinguish, but also attract attention. And in some skirts with buttons, the direct modification of lines, but also indirectly replaced the role of slits.

In addition to clothing, the use of buttons made of lighting, decorative paintings, jewelry is also very creative style.

Creative and advanced only a step of laser engraving machine

Through the advanced laser marking machine to change the conventional shape and size of the button, to bring a new vision point of view, in recent years, designers often use the design. Button laser marking machine using high-energy laser on the button for high-quality pattern carving, flexible processing can give designers more design inspiration, so that small buttons more delicate and delicate, and its shape more fashion attractive. Will be marked after the laser marking the clothing on the clothing, the distance is pleasing to the eye, near to see people amazing!
Wooden button 

Plastic buttons
High-quality button laser machine only "Hunst laser marking machine"
For the processing characteristics of the button and the market demand, Hunst laser launched CO2 laser marking machine series models, wood, coconut shell, bamboo, resin, plastic and other non-metallic buttons for any complex graphics carving, if accompanied by automatic assembly line or fixture use, you can greatly improve the production effect, shorten the production cycle.
Processing advantages
Machine picture
1, flexibility: software mapping, graphics are not restricted, color and depth can be freely adjusted.
2, environmental protection: marking process does not produce sewage and toxic gases, to ensure the safety of environmental quality.
3, low cost: pattern marking a molding, no auxiliary pigments and a lot of manpower, consumption of small.

4, the effect is good: a powerful software, data processing fast, accurate and efficient marking effect.



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