How to use the laser cutting machine for hat ?

The ancients said: "dressed" "sounding", where the "crown" refers to the hat. European ChristianDior once said: "There is no hat, there is no human civilization." Visible hat on the development of human history and civilization how important. Whether you are not a hat control, I believe you will have a hat.

Because the hat has a protective head, warm warming, shade and other effects. When you go out for a trip to skiing, cycling climbing, playing the beach, sports fitness, the hat is naturally indispensable equipment.

In addition, the hat decoration function can not be underestimated, it can be used to modify the face, adjust the shape, and even a symbol of status. Different types of hats, you can show your different stages of the United States, let you shine, the United States "hat" Allure!

When advanced laser cutting technology combined with traditional hat culture, you just "hat" beautiful!
1. Laser cutting for the embroidered hat
Laser cutting machine cutting for embroidered hat is the majority of hat control of love, because it can not only explain the style of hands, but also the release of personality. (Can be a cap, baseball cap, fisherman's hat, beach hat, sun hat, etc.), full blooming hat glamorous glamor , the embroidery, the label is decorated on the blank hat

2. Laser cutting for flower hat
Laser cutting machine for the flower hat is ladies ladies love, with a spring color. The use of laser cutting wool felt, woolen cloth, non-woven fabrics, lace and other soft fabric of the flower, and combined into a flower-shaped embellishment in the hat, so you like flowers as beautiful!

So, how is the laser cutting machine magic?
Applicable materials widely - laser for most of the hat decorative fabric processing
Good processing effect - high precision laser processing, incision is smooth, not yellow, not off the wire
Style diversity - through the computer design graphics, can be perfectly cut any shape of the fabric
Short production cycle - laser cutting without mold consumption, field mapping on-site completion, greatly shorten the production cycle
Laser cutting machine under the hat, simple but not simple, practical and stylish, diverse but no lack of personality. Bring a laser cutting hat, with a variety of clothing, with you through the colorful spring and summer autumn and winter, the United States "hat" a whole world!

We recommended two items machine as follow:
Digital printing camera positioning laser cutting machine
Applicable to the embroidery hat has been printed, weaving, embroidery good graphics fabric cutting along the edge
Four bald laser cutting machine

Applicable to the flower hat above the different materials, the same graphic flower at the same time efficient cutting



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