How to draw a wonderful animal world bag by laser cutting machine?

Out of take the bag has become a kind of living habits. Bags, not only carry the goods of the carrier, but also used to organize the shape of the modified products. A stylish bag, often can become a bright spot for a dress, glow belongs to your unique charm!
As we all know, laser cutting machine for its fast, high precision, flexibility, high degree of automation in the luggage industry has been widely popular. After laser cutting machine on bag, the style is more colorful, more creative style type. Look at the normal of the bag, whether you feel boring? It is better to look at the laser cutting machine under the shape of another kind of tone of the small minority bags.

Laser cutting machine for the purse

This change in the shape of the wallet from the ancient British literature in the wizard monster illustrations. Through the laser cutting leather and ostrich skin, and hand-stitched metal rivets to be fixed, showing a falcon, swans, hedgehogs, carp and other 3D animals.
Laser cutting for shoulder bag
The use of laser cutting a variety of skin material, directly into the animal shoulder bag, is full of creative.
Laser cutting for double shoulders bag
The small animals embedded in the backpack surface, giving a refreshing feeling.
Laser cutting for bag strap
After laser cutting leather can also play a variety of animal shape of the strap, its embellishment in the bag, stylish and interesting.
See such a complex and diverse animal modeling, do you think the completion of a high degree of difficulty, the need to consume a variety of molds. In fact, the laser cutting machine on bag is not difficult, only need to use the software to draw the various parts of the animal graphics, you can cut directly out. Easy to achieve on-site mapping site completed, without any mold consumption.

ETF-1810 automatic feeding double-headed laser cuttingmachine
Support multiple design software, can store 128 job files
The nesting system is powerful
Any curve can be fast continuous cutting
Suitable for fast cutting of leather / cloth
Bag in the laser cutting machine under the great transformation, glowing fashion technology beauty, to create exclusive luxury fashion! And technology and fashion integration, it is a trend, but also an attitude!



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