How to clever use of laser cutting machine,turning waste into treasure!

Vinyl records as a carrier of sound and music, almost occupied the whole of the 20th century. Although vinyl is still used by DJs and radio stations, they are now downgraded to garages
Does your home also hold a pile of old vinyl records for decades, but often there is a "left useless, abandoned the pity" feeling? If you have this trouble, may wish to use laser cutting machine, will be transformed into a creative and retro wall clock, promoted to the finishing touch of home decoration, really "turning waste into treasure"!

Through the laser cuttingmachine will be the old vinyl record cut into the city landscape architecture and different items of images, leaving the middle part of the watch made of dial. Not only nostalgic that time and scenes, but also gives the new use of the record.

This laser equipment processing of the record clock, breaking the traditional clock or square or round shape. Exquisite hollow and sharp edges and corners to increase the three-dimensional, the time and physical ingenious combination, so you see the hour as if to hear the phonograph whisper, there is a fantastic time to enjoy the shuttle.

Knowledge Laser beam cutting machine is the laser emitted by the laser, the optical path system, focusing on high-power density of the laser beam irradiation to the workpiece surface, making the workpiece to the melting point or boiling point, while the beam with the beam of high-pressure gas will melt or gasification Metal blown away. As the beam and the workpiece relative to the location of the movement, the final material to form a slit, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting. Laser cutting machine for wide material, in addition to vinyl records, but also to meet the epoxy resin, acrylic, rubber, wood products, leather, acrylic and other materials.

Have to share the secret to everyone, if you also heart, then act quickly!
ETC-1309 model LaserCutting Machine

Suitable for wood and wood products, plastics, leather, cloth, acrylic and other non-metallic materials processing. Powerful NC programming software combined with high-performance body, to solve the difficult non-metallic materials processing, graphics and other problems.



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