Why Choose Hunst Auto-feeding Laser Cutting Machine?

Hunst developed a series of model ETF auto-feeding laser machine especially for flexible fabric clothing, shoes, home textile industry. After entering into market , it received much outpouring praise and was trusted by many large international famous enterprises. This is a new revolution of cutting process for flexible material.

Why more and more enterprises choose Hunst laser? Because this series of auto feeding laser machine has the following features
1.    It is multi-function and multiple characteristics. It can feed automatically equipped with single or double head for cutting. Therefore, only one person can operate more computers. It is computer-to-plate can be easily operated, which realizes the layout of saving materials. So, not only it can save manpower but also can reduce production costs.
2.    Wide application. This series of equipment is suitable for cutting various     flexible material . Shoes, clothing, home textiles, luggage, automotive interior, plush toys and other industries are also suitable.
3.    That it has special belt . Ordinary belt conveyor is easy to break, twist, displaced and the maintenance is difficult. The design of the honeycomb belt can effectively reduce the contact area between laser beam and material supports, which can effectively reduce the light reflection of supporting surface and more supporting points make it flatness. It can cut any curve rapidly and continuously, which the moving process of laser heads just like graceful arc of top racing car across the field.
4.    The stability of the structure of heavy-weight steel. After strict mechanical analysis and precise calculation of researchers, the whole machine is heavy because it adopts the laser welding of square steel, which the thickness is all more than 3mm. This can effectively reduce the center of the gravity of the whole machine that improve the stability of the machine during processing.

Concentrated , earnest and meticulous are Hunst’s culture. Hunst never stopped steps, we design more appropriate and efficient laser equipment for  users. So, Hunst’s auto feeding laser machine will undoubtedly be the first choice of the laser industry



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