When the pillow encounters the technology of laser cutting, which is beautiful and practical

Whether it is home improvement or car decoration, pillow is a very common and essential items, not only can be decorative, but also plays a role of keeping warm and protection. Today, people add many traditional Chinese medicine and other Physiotherapy materials in the ordinary pillow, so as to achieve the effect of certain health.
laser cutting fabric

The beauty of warm and practical of pillow are self-evident. And different designing style of pillow, their beauty of the decoration that they achieved are also different. So, when the pillow encounters the technology of laser cutting, what kind of charming will it be?
Laser cut fabric

Flower piece laser cutting
These flowers pillow is a combination of many small flower pieces cutting by laser. At first glance , it looks like blooming flowers, which makes people feeling of having a garden that full of flowers.
Laser cutting Pillow

It can be combined into one, or be combined into a number of flowers. Small partner who likes the pastoral wind can not withstand the temptation of such a three-dimensional and vivid image of the pattern pillow!
Flowers laser cutting

So, what are the advantages of using laser to cut the flower pieces on the pillow?
Laser cutting uses non-contact processing without producing mechanical pressure on material, the effect of processing is better. Designing the graphics through computer, it can be perfectly cut any shape of the fabric, other material  also apply, such as wool leather, linen, lace and other fabrics. And laser processing has the features of high precision, high speed, no mold, which can reduce the production cycle and greatly improve production efficiency.

Almost all creative design can be controlled by software drawing and cutting, which is easy and convenient to operate. Laser cutting machine can make the pillow more beautiful to ensure the pillow practical and beautiful coexist.
Four head laser cutter



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