What is the leather laser cutting machine?

Hunst laser recommended two cross-cutting leather laser cutting machine using crawler-type work platform, double laser heads with each other with the automatic nesting system, cutting speed, high fabric utilization, and can be equipped with automatic feeding system to achieve continuous Feed cutting, but also for plush materials, composite fabrics and other materials, laser cutting.
Leather laser cutting machine operation and function

Double-headed reciprocating machine combined with on-site production operation and give full play to the motion control performance and laser processing effect. Unique interactive design, single, double laser heads between the free switch, it can work off and cutting effect is uniform, processing efficiency doubled. So that the goal of saving costs to improve production in control. It is mainly through the motor and belt or screw drive, driving the laser head position changes to achieve laser cutting function. Through the computer design graphics, easy to operate, high precision and fast cutting.
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