What is the advantage of a co2 laser cutting machine?

Advantage of co2 laser cutting is the great popularity in most industry. Why? Co2 laser cutting machine is the optimal technology to cut from thin material up to 20–25 mm with the good tolerance. Compare to plasma it is better tolerance and more clean cut, compare to waterjet it is speed.
co2 laser cutting machine

Advantages of co2 laser cutting:
·         high efficiency
Laser  cutting machine is always connected to several numerically-controlled  rotary tables to achieve numerical controlled cutting. It only needs to  change the NC program to adjust to components of different shapes, which  can make 2D cutting as well as 3D cutting. 

·         high quality cutting
Laser  cutting surface is clean and nice 
Clean cut edges without burr or dust formation. The cutting precision can reach to  ±0.05mm. Low thermal influence, i.e., no delamination.

·         Felxible
No need any pattern. you can imput your design into the software and laser will cut it accordingly. Laser  cutting is non-contact cutting, which means no tool wear problem. When  processing different shapes, there is no need to change tools, the only  way is to alter the output parameter of laser. The whole laser cutting  process features low noise, little vibration and little pollution.

·         Various cutting material
Compared  to and plasma cutting, co2 laser cutting machine can be  applied on more materials, including non-metal, leather, wood, acrylic, fabric, paper, rubber, plastic, foam, stencil, textile, etc.

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