What are the main features of leather laser cutting machine?

1, leather laser cutting slit narrow and small deformation.
The laser beam of the laser cutting machine is focused into a small spot so that the focal point achieves a high power density. At this time the beam input heat far more than the material is reflected, conduction or diffusion of the material, the material quickly heated to the degree of vaporization, evaporation holes. As the beam and the material relative to the linear movement, so that the hole to form a narrow width of the slit. Trimming heat affected very small, basically no deformation.
Leather laser cutting without burr, wrinkle, high precision, better than plasma cutting. For many electromechanical manufacturing industries, due to the microcomputer program control of modern laser cutting system can easily cut different shapes and sizes of the workpiece , it is often more than punching, molding process is more preferred; although its processing speed is slower than die, But it is no mold consumption, no need to repair the mold, but also save the replacement mold time, thus saving processing costs and reduce production costs, so the overall consideration is more cost-effective.

2, leather laser cutting is a high energy, good density and control contactless processing.
The laser beam is focused to form a very small point of action with very strong energy, and it has many characteristics applied to cutting. First, the laser light energy can be converted into amazing heat energy to keep in a very small area
(1) narrow straight edge cutting.
(2) the smallest heat affected zone of the adjacent trimming.
(3) minimal local deformation.
Second, the laser beam does not apply any force to the workpiece, it is a contactless cutting tool, which means that
(1) no mechanical deformation of the workpiece;
(2) no tool wear, not to mention the conversion of the tool;
(3) cutting material without regard to its hardness, that is, laser cutting capacity from the hardness of the material being cut, any hardness of the material can be cut.
Again, the laser beam is highly controllable and has high adaptability and flexibility.
(1) combined with the automation equipment is very convenient, easy to achieve cutting process automation.
(2) due to the absence of restrictions on the cutting of the workpiece, the laser beam has unlimited profiling ability.
(3) with the computer, can be the whole board discharge, saving materials.



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