The technique of laser engraving draws unique basketball for you

Basketball is the stunner of lovers, like the kind of vividly on the pitch. They become crazy, strong, and sunny. Who loves to play basketball has a love of the ball, the logo and number on the ball is their faith, even if the touch is also a kind of blood boiling feeling. And using laser to draw a variety of meaningful character patterns on basketball, so that collectors can not just put it down.
Laser marking ball

For example, KobeBryant signed for the star card company Upper Deck, including limited edition signature of Kobe Bryant, 124 basketballs were engraved by laser, each priced at $ 699.99.
In addition, there are manufacturers using laser to engrave laser pattern of AirJordan on the ball, which meets the needs of Jordan fans.
co2 laser marking machine

We are familiar with laser engraving, various generations of AirJordan shoes  are full of laser engraving elements. Do the laser engraving for spherical is the same as its principle?

We know that the material of basketball can be divided into cattle dough, PU synthetic leather, PVC synthetic leather, and PU. So, both is cowhide, the principle is also the use of high-energy laser beam carved patterns on the cortical material , and finally applied to basketball and shoes above.

For the majority of fans, the biggest highlight of the laser engraving process is the  high degree of customization. Whether you want Kobe Bryant's signature, or AirJordan's laser pattern, or your personal signature, meaningful symbols, laser can customize for you. Moreover, whether time to flow, spherical damage, only laser engraved footprints is eternal.



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