The impressive chess laser machine makes struggle between Chu and Han vivid

What was the first tabletop game you played in your life? Is it chess? That's right! Chess is also a tabletop game, but there was no "tabletop game" concept before. The first time for laser girl playing a tabletop game is also chess. What about you?

Chinese chess is a traditional Chinese chess educational game. It has a long history in China and has been recorded in the pre-qin period. Chess is one of the 78 sports events officially launched in China and is one of the official events of the first world intellectual games. It is a kind of two-person antagonistic game, mainly popular among the Chinese people and countries of Chinese characters culture circle, because of the simple, interesting, a very wide variety of chess activities.
So, do you know how chess is processed?
In the ancient time of lack of technology, hand-working is undoubtedly the most common processing method of chess processing. But now is the new era that pursues automatic high yield with the rapid development of numerical control machine tool, sculpture craft changed into humanized and concise ceaselessly. The Chinese chess manufacturing process also naturally goes from hand to machine tool processing, then upgrades to laser processing.
Laser machine is the general name of laser cutter, laser engraving machine and laser marking machine. It integrates cutting, engraving, marking, etc., and can complete the cutting and engraving work of chess at the same time. The greatest advantage of using laser processing for chess is that it is "no knife mode" processing, and any graph can be produced directly by software and arranged automatically. Not only can save the cost and cycle of making the knife mode, but also reduce the loss and cost.
Generally, the common chess is wooden, but as the change ment of people’s individualize pursuit, now various crystal, acrylic, metal and other material chess also continuously popularize. And the application of laser equipment is very wide, even if it is the chess of different material, also can change processing freely.
For example, this high-grade vegetable-tanned leather chess, unique chessboard is also made from laser engraving text and line.
In addition to Chinese chess, laser equipment also applies to the processing of international chess. Using a simple laser cutter to cut the plastic board to make giant international chess, not only it is easy to dismantled, but also easy to store.
The impressive chess laser machine deduces the intoxicating war between chu and han. Under the transformation of laser technology, chess is endowed with more styles and designs and more artistic and full of cultural atmosphere.



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