The fusion of laser engraving technology and yoga mats reflects both aesthetics and function

Yoga is mainly a series of method of cultivating one's mind. Many women like to practice yoga, because it can not only shape, but also keep healthy and youthful vitality.
Yoga mat is indispensable equipment for practicing yoga, because yoga mat can reduce sports injuries, which can bring passion for practitioners. It also can effectively block the ground cold, grip is strong and has a prominent resilience, level off, skid resistance, as well as human skin compatibility. As people’s more and more high requirement of yoga mat appearance and performance, a laser engraved form of yoga mat was born, and become the major hot search products on online stores.

The principle of processing
Yoga mat is divided into TPE, PVC, EVA, CBR, latex cushion and other materials. The principle of laser engraving for yoga mat is that use the high- energy laser beam to engrave patterns on these materials and eventually apply them to yoga mats.

Using laser engraving has the features of high degree of customization, high speed, strong flexibility and so on, which can engrave the pattern and logo on yoga mat freely, make the product more aesthetic. It also can engrave the position line, which makes hands and feet can directly touch accurate position, no longer be tired of "where should my hands and feet be put", let you practice yoga more freely.
The fusion of Hunst laser marking machine with yoga mat can meet the needs of graphics designing on EVA, CBR, PVC yoga mat material, which ensure that both aesthetics and function of yoga mats, escort for the safety of yoga men.
The 3D dynamic laser marking machine is a kind of multifunctional and new environmental protection against radiation machine that cooperated with radiation shield and safety sliding door, which can prevent laser radiation and make it easy for people to observe. Enclosed up and down draft dust removal system, the effect of smoke exhausting is good without pollution on lens and processing environment. It is suitable for high quality engraving on leather, textile fabrics, cotton linen fabric, denim, PVC, rubber and so on.



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