Plastic products occupy the market, laser processing goes smoothly

Plastic products can be seen everywhere

Today, plastic products can be seen everywhere in our daily life. For example, our necessities mostly are plastic products, such as the bowl, barrels, cups, bottles, lamp and other products. In fact, plastic as an indispensable material in life , has been in a high position. With the development of science and technology, the plastic is also widely used in some high-tech products, such as mobile phone shell, computer accessories and so on.

So, what is plastic?
Plastic, which is a kind of synthetic polymer material with plasticity. Plastic products, is the use of plastic-based raw materials processing or business supplies collectively. The market demand for plastic products is mainly concentrated in agricultural plastic products, packaging plastic products, building plastic products, lighting and lighting products and other aspects. At present, a variety of electronic industry, the use of plastic is also rising.

Advanced laser marking machine conform the trend
After this explanation, we should understand the importance of plastic in life. So, when we apply plastic to all areas of life, we must solve the problem of plastic processing.

The traditional method of plastic processing is ink printing. Ink printing can not overcome the problem of high pollution, high supplies, high failure, high maintenance and other major issues. In addition, the ink is easy to be wiped by cleaning liquid and other substances. Marking in the air has the disadvantage of subsided quickly that makes it destined to be eliminated.

Now conforming to the times, laser marking machine to become the primary choice for plastic processing. Through the laser beam, the huge energy gathered on the processing material, so it can mark and tag on various kind of material or do some physical processing. The high precision, high speed and simple operation of laser machining make the position indelible.

Laser girl recommended

A high cost performance of fiber laser markingmachine which equipped with the company self-developed all-digital high-speed marking control card and powerful supervisory software. It has the feature of cost-effective, excellent performance, reliable quality, and high cost performance. Its modular design makes application flexible. It provides a simple XY mobile table, rotating claw plate fixture, rotary disc table and other fixtures for users to match freely. The control system is powerful, the performance leading domestic counterparts.



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