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What is suitability and flexibility for leather laser cutting machine?

Leather laser cutting Compared with other conventional processing methods, laser cutting has greater adaptability. First, compared with other thermal cutting methods, the same as the thermal cutting process, other methods can not act like a laser beam in a very small area, resulting in incision wide, heat affected area large and obvious deformation of the workpiece. Laser can cut non-metallic, while other thermal cutting methods can not.
Laser cutting application industry: Industry: Shoes, Leather Garment, Trademark Processing, Embroidery, Advertising Decoration, Wood Processing, Packaging Printing, Laser Knife Mold, Decorative Decoration Industry, Printing Bronzing Template, Process Gift Industry, Electronics & Electrical Industry, Model Industry (Building Model, Model, wooden toys) and so on.

Laser cutting machine applicable materials: Applicable materials: fabric, tile, cardboard, paper, leather, PU leather, trademark embroidery, plastic, rubber, bamboo and wood products, wood, ple…

What are the main features of leather laser cutting machine?

1, leather laser cutting slit narrow and small deformation. The laser beam of the laser cutting machine is focused into a small spot so that the focal point achieves a high power density. At this time the beam input heat far more than the material is reflected, conduction or diffusion of the material, the material quickly heated to the degree of vaporization, evaporation holes. As the beam and the material relative to the linear movement, so that the hole to form a narrow width of the slit. Trimming heat affected very small, basically no deformation. Leather laser cutting without burr, wrinkle, high precision, better than plasma cutting. For many electromechanical manufacturing industries, due to the microcomputer program control of modern laser cutting system can easily cut different shapes and sizes of the workpiece , it is often more than punching, molding process is more preferred; although its processing speed is slower than die, But it is no mold consumption, no need to repair t…

What is the leather laser cutting machine?

Hunst laser recommended two cross-cutting leather laser cutting machine using crawler-type work platform, double laser heads with each other with the automatic nesting system, cutting speed, high fabric utilization, and can be equipped with automatic feeding system to achieve continuous Feed cutting, but also for plush materials, composite fabrics and other materials, laser cutting. Leather laser cutting machine operation and function
Double-headed reciprocating machine combined with on-site production operation and give full play to the motion control performance and laser processing effect. Unique interactive design, single, double laser heads between the free switch, it can work off and cutting effect is uniform, processing efficiency doubled. So that the goal of saving costs to improve production in control. It is mainly through the motor and belt or screw drive, driving the laser head position changes to achieve laser cutting function. Through the computer design graphics, easy to …

Plastic products occupy the market, laser processing goes smoothly

Plastic products can be seen everywhere
Today, plastic products can be seen everywhere in our daily life. For example, our necessities mostly are plastic products, such as the bowl, barrels, cups, bottles, lamp and other products. In fact, plastic as an indispensable material in life , has been in a high position. With the development of science and technology, the plastic is also widely used in some high-tech products, such as mobile phone shell, computer accessories and so on.
So, what is plastic? Plastic, which is a kind of synthetic polymer material with plasticity. Plastic products, is the use of plastic-based raw materials processing or business supplies collectively. The market demand for plastic products is mainly concentrated in agricultural plastic products, packaging plastic products, building plastic products, lighting and lighting products and other aspects. At present, a variety of electronic industry, the use of plastic is also rising.
Advanced laser marking machine conform…

Why Choose Hunst Auto-feeding Laser Cutting Machine?

Hunst developed a series of model ETF auto-feeding laser machine especially for flexible fabric clothing, shoes, home textile industry. After entering into market , it received much outpouring praise and was trusted by many large international famous enterprises. This is a new revolution of cutting process for flexible material.

Why more and more enterprises choose Hunst laser? Because this series of auto feeding laser machine has the following features 1.It is multi-function and multiple characteristics. It can feed automatically equipped with single or double head for cutting. Therefore, only one person can operate more computers. It is computer-to-plate can be easily operated, which realizes the layout of saving materials. So, not only it can save manpower but also can reduce production costs. 2.Wide application. This series of equipment is suitable for cutting various     flexible material . Shoes, clothing, home textiles, luggage, automotive interior, plush toys and other industries…

The technique of laser engraving draws unique basketball for you

Basketball is the stunner of lovers, like the kind of vividly on the pitch. They become crazy, strong, and sunny. Who loves to play basketball has a love of the ball, the logo and number on the ball is their faith, even if the touch is also a kind of blood boiling feeling. And using laser to draw a variety of meaningful character patterns on basketball, so that collectors can not just put it down.

For example, KobeBryant signed for the star card company Upper Deck, including limited edition signature of Kobe Bryant, 124 basketballs were engraved by laser, each priced at $ 699.99. In addition, there are manufacturers using laser to engrave laser pattern of AirJordan on the ball, which meets the needs of Jordan fans.

We are familiar with laser engraving, various generations of AirJordan shoes  are full of laser engraving elements. Do the laser engraving for spherical is the same as its principle?

We know that the material of basketball can be divided into cattle dough, PU synthetic leather,…

The fusion of laser engraving technology and yoga mats reflects both aesthetics and function

Yoga is mainly a series of method of cultivating one's mind. Many women like to practice yoga, because it can not only shape, but also keep healthy and youthful vitality. Yoga mat is indispensable equipment for practicing yoga, because yoga mat can reduce sports injuries, which can bring passion for practitioners. It also can effectively block the ground cold, grip is strong and has a prominent resilience, level off, skid resistance, as well as human skin compatibility. As people’s more and more high requirement of yoga mat appearance and performance, a laser engraved form of yoga mat was born, and become the major hot search products on online stores.
The principle of processing Yoga mat is divided into TPE, PVC, EVA, CBR, latex cushion and other materials. The principle of laser engraving for yoga mat is that use the high- energy laser beam to engrave patterns on these materials and eventually apply them to yoga mats.
Using laser engraving has the features of high degree of customiz…

The beautiful edge starts from the laser

Lace is a kind of embroidery, which is also called drawn work. It is a kind of cotton, hemp yarn, silk, or all kinds of fabric as raw material, through the needlework or weave into decorative hollowed-out products. Because the lace has the sense of beauty and fashion, it was used in various clothes. Today, we will explore that how the lace cutting machine to add beauty to dress.
The historical development of the lace As early as the 4th and 5th centuries AD, the ancient Egyptian tombs had similar lace and embroidered lace. In the 15th century, Italy, Belgium and France had lace production. The 17th century was the boom period of European lace production, the Italian and Venice lace was famous for its glory. The British invented the lace machine in the 19th century, the lace made by machine was coming out. At the end of the 19th century, European lace was introduced into China. In China, it was used for tablecloth, bedcovers, pillow covers, cushions, handkerchiefs and tea pads, the place…

What is the role of camera positioning laser cutting machine?

What is a camera positioning laser cutter? I believe that you are familiar with the principle of laser cutting machine and its application. Do you know about the camera positioning laser cutting machine? In fact, the camera positioning laser cutting machine is that the camera is installed on a regular laser cutting machine. From the function, the camera positioning laser cutting machine is used in the special software, which can realize the recognition of whole image. According to the characters of processing graphics positioning, combines the actual conditions of cameras to obtain information for full automatic tracking, ensure machining graphics consistent with the actual graphics to achieve high precision cutting.

What is the role of camera positioning laser cutting machine? Garment industry Patch embroidered series is one of the fashion elements in garment industry. Designers show all kinds of patch embroidered, badge, woven label in the clothing technology, which full of fashion and p…

Have you ever seen a rolling pin like this? The rolling pin which full of artistic atmosphere

When it comes to rolling pin, you might think it's just a common stick that used to simply squash noodles and dumpling skin. But now the rolling pin has become the most common tool in baking. Therefore, how can common wooden sticks satisfy the creative of the baked person? Using laser engraving rolling pin can make the delicious food.
Such a fine rolling pin can print interesting patterns on biscuits, pies and candies, which directly saves the trouble of pattern designing.

Polish designer Zuzia Kozerska uses laser engraving machine to create various patterns on wood and complete a series of artistic rolling pins and sell them on Etsy.

When the pillow encounters the technology of laser cutting, which is beautiful and practical

Whether it is home improvement or car decoration, pillow is a very common and essential items, not only can be decorative, but also plays a role of keeping warm and protection. Today, people add many traditional Chinese medicine and other Physiotherapy materials in the ordinary pillow, so as to achieve the effect of certain health.
The beauty of warm and practical of pillow are self-evident. And different designing style of pillow, their beauty of the decoration that they achieved are also different. So, when the pillow encounters the technology of laser cutting, what kind of charming will it be?

Flower piece laser cutting These flowers pillow is a combination of many small flower pieces cutting by laser. At first glance , it looks like blooming flowers, which makes people feeling of having a garden that full of flowers.

It can be combined into one, or be combined into a number of flowers. Small partner who likes the pastoral wind can not withstand the temptation of such a three-dimensio…

The impressive chess laser machine makes struggle between Chu and Han vivid

What was the first tabletop game you played in your life? Is it chess? That's right! Chess is also a tabletop game, but there was no "tabletop game" concept before. The first time for laser girl playing a tabletop game is also chess. What about you?

Chinese chess is a traditional Chinese chess educational game. It has a long history in China and has been recorded in the pre-qin period. Chess is one of the 78 sports events officially launched in China and is one of the official events of the first world intellectual games. It is a kind of two-person antagonistic game, mainly popular among the Chinese people and countries of Chinese characters culture circle, because of the simple, interesting, a very wide variety of chess activities. So, do you know how chess is processed? In the ancient time of lack of technology, hand-working is undoubtedly the most common processing method of chess processing. But now is the new era that pursues automatic high yield with the rapid develop…

What is the advantage of a co2 laser cutting machine?

Advantage of co2 laser cutting is the great popularity in most industry. Why? Co2 laser cutting machine is the optimal technology to cut from thin material up to 20–25 mm with the good tolerance. Compare to plasma it is better tolerance and more clean cut, compare to waterjet it is speed.
Advantages of co2 laser cutting: ·high efficiency
Laser  cutting machine is always connected to several numerically-controlled  rotary tables to achieve numerical controlled cutting. It only needs to  change the NC program to adjust to components of different shapes, which  can make 2D cutting as well as 3D cutting. 
·high quality cutting
Laser  cutting surface is clean and nice  Clean cut edges without burr or dust formation. The cutting precision can reach to  ±0.05mm. Low thermal influence, i.e., no delamination.
·Felxible No need any pattern. you can imput your design into the software and laser will cut it accordingly. Laser  cutting is non-contact cutting, which means no tool wear problem. When  proc…