The technology of laser engraving creates "seven buddhas" for the beads.

Buddhists believe that who love swearing beads are expressing your inner goodness, not only for decoration or pray, more important is that it can remove evil thoughts. And the Buddha had an early message: if any man held the bodhi pearl. You cannot read the name of the Buddha in accordance with the law. But I can hold my hand. He who sits in his bed says that if good is evil. From this, the person is to take the bodhi son. It is the same as the chanting of the buddhas. A blessing.
The Buddha bead is the most convenient of the dharma, the millennium pass, let the rosary be transformed into the symbol of the great wisdom of the human being. As more and more people like and wear prayer beads, they make the beads more of a fashion symbol outside the religious connotations. Nowadays, people like carving of great charm on beads, 18 arhats, seven Buddha seven view audio and video image, animals, etc., make people in the face of trouble the hustle and bustle, more especially not act the role ofing, person, long and pray for peace and joy.

The way of buddha beads engraving
Manual engraving - This is using the manual knives to engrave, this requires the people has a certain artistic and cultural levels and good cutting skills. Every step must be focused.

Mechanical engraving - This is the processing equipment that use laser, which drawings designed by software and images engraved by machine. It suitable for personalized customization and small batch production.
Nowadays, high-tech laser engraving has become the most popular way of processing for images of buddha beads. Because the images are clearer and delicated, which can mold rapidly without restriction. The finished product has a high artistic and practical value.

Laser engraving machine
It configures automatic lift platform which can engrave different thickness of material. With rotating fixture, it can easily engrave on regular round product or a flat surface material, which is suitable for wood, jade, plastic, acrylic and other materials.

A string of sandalwood Buddha beads, coupled with other charm of the rosary pattern, with a laser outline a beautiful landscape, to create the highest state of Buddha.



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