How to do when the water chiller gives an alarm in hot weather?

Water chiller is the cooling system of laser cutting machine, which can ensure that no deformation or damage on cavity mirrors because of the heat, resonant cavity and resonator frame is not deformed due to thermal, working gas can work normally, high pressure system can work normally. In order to cooperate with the laser machine, the water chiller will also have alarm box to alarm output. Generally, some reasons can cause the water chiller of laser cutting machine to alarm.
1. The power supply system is abnormal, and the low power supply is easy to cause the water chiller to alarm. Ensure that the power supply voltage is normal.
2. Too little water in the chiller. You need to fill up with pure water.
3. Water pipes are blocked, water protection is blocked, and the increase of water resistance will also cause to alarm. There is a need to do some cleaning and finishing.
4. The high water temperature causes alarm. It is time to change the water.
5. Problems in the effluent pump in the chiller.



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