Would students like the unique stationery made by laser?

Stationery is a good partner for the students. From primary school to college, a set of practical stationery can make learning more convenient. A beautiful set of stationery can inspire interest in learning and make learning less boring. If every child has their own set of stationery, is it a surprise? Next, let's see how  Hunst laser did it?

Colorful pencil-box engraved with its own name

The pencil-box is a magic box for pupils. Wearing all kinds of cartoon motifs, there are various kinds of pencils, rulers, rubber in it. It is believed that every child has his own name. Now, the Hunst laser marking machine marks the name on the colorful pencil-box, which makes it unique.

Your own name marked on magic pencil
A pencil is always the favorite for pencil owner. A sense of book fragrance, the emotion of pencil case. In the world of pupils, they can draw their own dream world and record their own healthy growth through pencil. You can use the laser marking machine to mark your name on a wooden pencil and make students energetic.

The magic of Hunst laser - laser marking machine
Pencil Marking: FOL-20 fiber laser marking machine
It equipped with the core optical devices, such as fiber optical laser machine and vibrators, which improve the adaptability and maintainability of the product, reduce the cost of the product. Meanwhile, it is equipped with the company self-developed all-digital high-speed marking control card and powerful supervisory software that can meet different marking of industry. The marking in food and beverage, medicine, tobacco, leather, packaging, building materials, lighting, jewelry, cosmetics, bearing markers, electronic components, etc are all applicable.



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