The technology of laser marking for keyboard

Nowadays, the computer is an essential electronic products to every household and is quite an important partner in our lives. No matter you are a housewife, staff or student, you always use the computer. Anything is impossible for computer, it a company with us for shopping, communication, entertainment, study and job. For most users, however, even though we use the computer every day, but some of us are not proficient in computer. But what does it matter?

The hardware device of computer we use frequently is a keyboard and mouse. But, have you ever thought of what is kind of machine do they use to mark their logo, letters, and symbols on it?

As for computer, keyboard is an input device that we touch most of times. Because we keep on touching the character on it every day, as times goes, it comes some problems that the above letters and numbers are gone. This will  affects our use of computers and decrease our satisfaction.

The mouse has the same problem. So how do you mark the symbols on mouse and keyboard to get a permanent effect? The current market is divided into two kinds of ways to mark symbols, ink printing machine and laser marking machine. The letters, numbers and symbols marked by ink printing will disappear after long time using. By contrast, using laser marking machine to mark for the electronic industry, not only the operation is simple, convenient, and stable, but also the marks are clear and everlasting. The perfect details of computer will leave a deep impression on the customer.

In daily life, many of the products adopt the laser technology in the production process and replace some of the traditional process, which improve the degree of automation and the quality of the product. The common laser technology is marking, cutting, welding, cladding, etc., but a lot of application markets need test and exploration to form a complete set of solutions. We process a small product around us by laser, if it is feasible, behind it will be a huge market.



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