The laser pen paints the shinning LED lights

In your opinion, if a lamp must need a light bulb can be regarded as a complete lighting? Actually not, today, laser sister will share the lamp without light bulbs and light frame with you. This kind of lamp only needs these materials, such as plexiglass, LED lamp, the lamp base and it need to be equipped with laser machine to paint line. So that we can use 2d materials to design the 3d visual effect.
This lamp is designed by painting lines and cutting out the patterns on plexiglass with laser cutting machine, then equipped with wooden base and put LED light source into it, which cleverly combined with the illusion of the human eyes to achieve the 3d visual effect.
Cool desk lamp from Israel depends on the total emission of physical skills, which divide out the light shadow from three different directions using acrylic sheet namely organic glass, then use laser to engrave angle line to create the depth illusion.

Designer makes full use of the technology of LED and laser cutting with the organic glass and LED screw base to make wonderful lighting effects, which let the light present different levels. It embodies the beauty of the space and the six planets.

This lamp with laser processing and LED lights, not only fashionable in appearance, but also very durable and energy saving. The advanced design makes it suitable for any interior design. When you are tired of a design, as long as cut out a new design of organic glass, you can have another feeling that you want.

We can see that the above lights paint the shinning lights by the laser. In order to surprise you, laser sister recommends our Hunst laser machine that suitable for plexiglass.



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