The innovation of new technology laser marking in sanitary ware

With the improvement of people's living life, people have higher demands for sanitary ware products, not only requires the style diversified, but also wants to have high quality of processing. Sanitary ware usually need to use the marking of logo and patterns. The fine degree of marking will directly affect the quality and appearance of the product. So it is particularly important to choose a perfect marking equipment for sanitary ware. Using the laser to mark the products of the sanitary ware can solve the problem of marking quality.

The application of laser marking on sanitary ware products

Sanitary ware mainly includes materials such as ceramic, plastic, and metal .The laser marking is able to adapt to the requirements for high quality marking on these materials, including the bathroom cabinet, shower, toilet, sanitary facilities, basin, bathtub and etc. Especially for fighting against the counterfeit brand and protecting the interests of businesses and consumers . Laser marking can provide effective product traceability system for sanitary ware.

The processing advantages of laser marking in sanitary ware industry
1. Good flexibility: It uses the software to draw, which can quickly draw and produce various text and graphics, the pattern is clear and beautiful.
2.Wide applications: Such as the Hunst ultraviolet laser marking machine, it can be used for fine marking on plastic, leather, metal, glass, ceramics, IC grain, sapphire and various materials.
3. Good permanence: Laser marking uses the laser of high energy density to make partial irradiation on products and makes sanitary materials gasification or change the color, which left a permanent mark.
4. Safe and environment friendly: In the process of laser marking, it does not produce any toxic gas, which can reduce the harm to the human body.
5. Easy operation: The worker can operate the machine after simple training, which reduces the requirement of the operator.

Hunst laser recommended equipment

Function features:
1. Hunst laser OEM fiber laser machine that the quality of light spot is good and the output light power is stable, which can satisfy the application demand of the market of sanitary ware.
2. Independent brand digital high-speed scanning vibration mirror, which has the features of small size, high speed, excellent stability and the performance can up to the international advanced level.
3. The self-developmented core control board and the software, the performance leads the domestic peers and the control system is powerful.
4. This equipment provides simple XY moving working table, roating claw fixture, rotating round worktable. For users to choose freely, which can meet the application requirements of different sanitary ware products.



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