The fashion road of leather

Along with the progress of society and the development of science and technology, leather products are more and more widely in various applications. In daily life, leather products not only created the infinite value but also plays an indispensable role, such as leather, fur clothing, shoes, leather gloves, leather sandals, fur hats, leather belts, watches, leather cushion, car seat, steering wheel covers, and so on.

Traditional technology of leather processing mostly adopts cutting machine, embossing machine, embroidery machine, etc., which the speed of processing is slow, the cost of manpower is high, and the effect is not fine that fundamentally restricts the development of leather industry.
In recent years, due to the wide application and popularization of laser, leather laser marking machine also arises at this time. It is the equipment that the light source is laser. High energy and high density of laser beam can process leather rapidly, efficiently and steadily. Laser marking machine is a kind of digital and automatic technology, which can achieve hollow out, marking and cutting in leather industry.
The leather laser cutting engraving machine of Hunst laser adopts the method of non-contact processing, which is high speed and high precision that can not damage the surface of leather without edge burning. So, it gets much favour from the leather manufacturers, which is the best choice for leather production and processing.
Laser cutting machine has broken the limits of traditional manual and electric cutting that the speed is slow and difficult to layout, which fully solves the problem of unreachable efficiency and waste of materials. The speed of laser cutting is high and the operation is simple. You just input the graphics and size of it that need to be cut to the computer, the machine will cut out the finished product you needed without any cutting tool, mold, just use laser to realize simple and rapid non-contact processing.



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