The cardboard laser cutting machine is the necessary artifact for cardboard to add value

The cardboard after laser processing

This "Chiyogami" hich is like the lace is the sales of new goods of Tools in Japanese painting stationery shop. Manufacturers designed the Japanese traditional patterns, such as hemp, Kagome, and plover, used laser processing to make these hollowed patterns, which folded like paper crane that is made of lace.

Who likes playing the paper folding can not stand the temptation of this beautiful paper. Of course, in addition to beautiful decorations, it is also a good choice tobe used for packaging. Do not look down upon this piece of paper, the price can be a lot of money. A piece of paper is 350 yen, about 22 yuan, paper value increased about 200 times.
The cost of a piece of paper was not high, but under the transformation of cardboard laser engraving equipment, a piece of paper has become a artistic value of the plaything.

Cardboard hollowing is one of the important applications of laser processing. Cardboard laser engraving equipment has the advantages that beyond ordinary knife die stamping. First of all, it uses no contact processing, no "tool" wear, no direct impact on paper products, no mechanical deformation, no mold loss. Second, the laser hollow is based on software drawings to complete the work, which can quickly complete a variety of complex graphics processing, and increase the utilization of materials furthest. Finally, the laser hollow is high speed, high precision and the effect is more clear and delicate, which adapt to the trend of paper production technology and give the paper a higher artistic value. It is the necessary artifacts for cardboard to increase value.



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