The beauty of the laser engraving shows to us on the moment

Laser engraving processing is that using cnc technology and taking the laser as processing medium to make instant melting and gasification under laser irradiation to achieve the purpose of processing.

The differences between laser engraving and laser cutting
The biggest differences between laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine is power. The power of laser cutting machine is higher and the working table is bigger that general beam cuts through the cutting board. In addition, the control about the movement of their laser head is different, the control of the laser engraving machine is more complex and it can control the depth of engraving.

The features of laser engraving
The surface of the material has no contact without the effect of mechanical motion and the surface of the material can never deformed, it usually needn’t to be fixed. It is convenient for soft materials to be processed. Because it can not be effected by elasticity and flexibility. The feature of it is high precision, high speed and widely used.
Not only the laser can engrave and punch on the surface of all kinds of cloth, leather, and synthetic materials, but also it can cut out models for professional exclusive models, which makes the process of cutting, engraving and marking on the same device to improve the machining efficiency and the value of the products.



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