Have you ever tried them ,Laser cutting technology has turned coconuts into cans coconut?

In the summer, the most familiar scene is to hold coconuts on the beach and enjoy the cool and refreshing breeze. Summer and coconuts are really golden partners. Summer is not perfect without coconut. Although we desire to drink the natural coconut juice, we are always worried about not opening coconuts, and we will end up buying a bottle of can coconut juice.
In order to satisfy our little desire, today the laser girl will introduce cans coconut which is a new product in recent fruit market to you.

The design of the can let you drink coconut juice without chopping and cutting, just a simple pull. Is it convenient to open coconuts gently on the arc of coconut water and enjoy the fresh coconut?
The new popular coconuts on internet can be found produced by advanced laser technology. Use laser cutting machine to mark, cut and engrave on the surface of coconut and put metal ring tab into the hole that cut by laser, the cans coconut is completed. So, what are the principles and advantages of laser processing?
Laser processing uses invisible light to replace the traditional mechanical knives. The high-energy laser beams projected onto the surface of coconut shell, which generate heat effect and evaporate to cutting seam or graphics. Laser cutting machine combines the function of cutting, punching and engraving, it can cut circle and hearts through software, engraving for various logo easily. The process of it is high precision and high speed.

And the biggest advantage of laser processing for coconuts is that it will have no effect on lifespan and taste of the food in coconut shell. The processing depth can be adjusted by the software automatically and the graphics is not restricted.



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