Formed as soon as drew- laser technology in jigsaw

Jigsaws: The jigsaw as an educational game is that to put pieces of fragment in the right place to create a complete picture. It can make up a famous painting, a map, a photo, a story, and a memory. Jigsaws not only can stimulate the ability of reasoning and thinking, but also can coordinate hands and eyes, improve the ability of observation, endurance, memory.

Nowadays, the shape of the jigsaws is not limited to unified specifications, but each part has its only shape and function. Such as the following galaxy jigsaw, each piece of the puzzle is different, and the color and shape of it can be created in any patterns and form. In order to meet the processing requirements for these small batch and various materials, such as the jigsaw. Laser equipment is the common choice for each manufacturer to produce products.

What are the shinning points of laser cutting jigsaw?

The biggest advantage of laser cutting puzzles is that it doesn't need a die cutter, any patterns can be made directly by software and layout automatically. It not only can save the cost and making cycle of die cutter, but also greatly reduces the loss and cost. In addition, the application of laser equipment is very broad, even a variety of different materials, it can process easily.

The application of Laser cutting in jingsaws:




The jigsaw puzzle has been given more functions and ways of play under the laser technology. This is no longer a simple jigsaw puzzle, but the power of the laser technology and the art of famous painting!



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