Analysis: The industry development of laser marking machine

Although many people do not know the laser, laser has become an indispensable part of People's Daily life and widely be involved in health care, processing, and other fields. For laser marking machine, as the most common laser equipment, manufacturers are quite agree to this wonderful technology. So, what kind of story has happened during the history of development?
Every step in the process of development has experienced criticism and questioning from people and every innovation is the sign of the development of science and technology. Laser which is seen as a way of leading processing that has experienced more than 40 years of the development. Control system in the field of laser marking machine has experienced the time of large format, rotating mirror and the galvanometer. Control mode has achieved from software control directly to real-time processing, time-sharing multiplexing and a series of evolution.
In recent years, as economic status of Chinese has continuously improved, people’s demand on high quality modern processing method is becoming more and more urgent. The application of laser marking machines is becoming wider. On nonmetal industries, such as the plastic product, food, medicine, cigarettes, wine, density board, bamboo products, bags etc. On metal industries, such as aviation, precision instruments and meters, auto parts and accessories, hardware industry, household appliances and other metal industry. Laser marking machine plays a important role in these industries. We can believe that laser marking will become the most widely used and the most common way of marking.

With the constant innovation of laser marking machine, the value in the market has increased continuously, in addition to the plane mark. Laser can print all kinds of words, symbol, design, serial number, bar code and qr code, etc on all kinds of cambered surface and polynomial surface. So, in order to appeal to the development of market, Hunst successively introduced co2 laser printing machine that suitable for non-metal materials and FOL-20 fiber laser marking machine that suitable for metal.



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