Would you like to buy laser marking fruits?

Safety and environmental are always the pursuit of people, but the paper label on the goods consumes energy and causes pollution. As the higher requirements for production, anti-fake and management of goods, laser tag, a brand new environmental, multi-functional and has good anti-counterfeiting function of new science and technology is is widely used which is made by CO2 laser engraving machine.
The principle of CO2 laser engraving machine
CO2 laser engraving machine is using high power laser beam to remove the skin color of the food, like a tattoo engraved on the label, which includes price, brand and expiration date, etc. Fruits that has peel such as apple, banana, and coconut are applicable.

What are the advantages of CO2 laser engraving machine?

The biggest advantage of CO2 laser engraving machine is that can avoid the label off and has no effect on the life and taste of food. It doesn’t need to consume material such as paper, ink, or glue, which can reduce the consumption of energy and the emissions of carbon. CO2 laser engraving machine laser label is not only more environmental than traditional paper label, but also can help retailers better control the product sales. For example, retailers use laser engraved dates of latest sales to better manage their perishable food on shelves and can remove the out-of-date food off shelves conveniently and quickly.

The suppliers of fruit and vegetable Nature&Morein Dutch combined with supermarket ICA in Sweden firstly replace the traditional label with a laser label on organic avocado and sweet potatoes. According to ICA, the use of the laser label on organic avocadoes based on the sales of the avocado, which can save 200 kilometres and 30 centimetres of plastic a year. Over the long-term accumulation, the savings are impressive. Producing the same size of label, the CO2 laser engraving machine is 1% less than the conventional production on carbon emissions.

In laser sister’s opinion, whether based on the consideration of environmental or economic benefits, CO2 laser engraving machine adapts to the health purchasing psychology of consumers and meets the manageable requirements of products sales and anti-fake, which plays an important part in the sales of products.



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