Which industry for these three types of laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine
Fiberlaser marking machine for the application industry:
Can be marked metal materials and some non-metallic materials, especially for some of the more demanding, higher accuracy and higher requirements for smooth areas, widely used in electronic separation components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical circuits, mobile communications, Hardware, tools, kitchenware, tool accessories, precision instruments, glasses watches and clocks, computer keyboards, jewelry accessories, cars accessories, plastic buttons, plumbing accessories, sanitary ware, PVC pipe, medical equipment, packaging bottles and so on.

Carbon dioxide laser marking machine
Carbon dioxide laser marking machine for the application industry:

Can be applied to the cutting of the main materials are wood products, paper, fabric leather, plexiglass , epoxy resin, acrylic, unsaturated polyester resin and other non-metallic materials. Widely used in craft gifts, furniture, leather clothing, advertising signs, model production, food packaging, electronic components, pharmaceutical packaging, printing plate, shell nameplate and other industries.

Semiconductor laser marking machine

Semiconductor laser marking machine for the industry:
Plastic light button, IC chip, digital products, precision machinery, jewelry, sanitary ware, measuring and cutting tools, watches and clocks, glasses,  Electronic components, hardware jewelry, hardware tools, mobile communications components, automobile and motorcycle accessories, plastic products, plastic products, Medical equipment, building materials, and other high-precision product identification.



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