The technical exploration of laser engraving machine to several common materials

Laser engraving machine is everywhere. The materials that used laser engraving machine is too much. Today, we will gather some common materials for everyone and the method of laser engraving  for your reference.

1.Acrylic (a type of plexiglass )

                                                                     Acrylic display stand

Acrylic is widely used in the advertising industry. There are all kinds of shapes and sizes, relatively, the cost is low. In general, acrylic takes the way of back engraving that means to engrave in the front of it and see at the back of it, which makes the product more stereoscopic. When we are back engraving, please mirror image, which the speed of engraving is high and the power is low. Acrylic is easy to cut. In order to improve the quality of cutting, we should use the blower. When the thickness of acrylic is more than 8mm, we should change the large size of the lens. (notes: the operator shall not leave when cutting acrylic. Because there may be a flame when cutting. )

2. Wood

                                                                          wood crafts of laser engraving
Wood is easy to engrave and cut using laser engraving machine. Light color wood like birch, cherry wood or maple are suitable for engraving. Because they can be well laser-gasified. Each wood has its own features. Some are dense, such as hardwood, which needs higher laser power when engraving or cutting.
The depth of the laser engraving machine for cutting wood is generally not deep, which is within 5mm. Because the laser power is low, if the speed of cutting is slow will cause the wood burning. Specific operations can try to use large size lenses and adopt the method of repeated cutting.

3.MDF(Medium Density Fiberboard)

                                                               MDF after laser engraving used in decoration

These are the wooden pallets that usually be used to do the sign plates. The material is high density board, which the surface pastes the wood grain. Laser engraving machine can engrave on this material. But the color of engraved patterns is uneven and black, generally it should colored. Normally you can learn to design, using 0.5 mm double color plate to inlay in order to achieve a better effect. After engraving, use wet cloth clean surface of density board.

4.Double color boards
                                                            Double color billboards are everywhere

Double color board is a type of engineering plastics that composed of two or more
 than two layers of color. The specifications generally be 600 * 1200 mm, also have a 
small amount of brand that the specification is 600 * 900 mm. The engraving effect is very good using laser engraving machine, which has obvious contrast and clear edge. 
It should be noticed that the speed can not be too slow. Do not cut at one time, we 
can divide it into three or four times to cut. Following these, the edge of the material 
is smooth without melting trace after cutting. The power should be adjust to the point during engraving. In order to avoid melting trace, the power do not be too high.

5.Lacquered copper
                                             Engraving/Marking on Metal

Typically, copper cannot be laser engraved. But now, there is a type of material that a layer of special coatings is adhered to its surface. The coatings on the surface can be completely vaporized by laser, then underlying copper plate appears. Manufacturer would polish the copper or do special processing before lacquered to make the 
exposed area after engraving has enough fineness and can be saved for a long time. If the surface of copper do not be processed, we need to make a protector on the 
surface after engraving in order to avoid oxidising and contaminating after a long 



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