The newest popular Hand Spinner comes from laser technology

Since last year, the North American market was hit by a kind of small toy and they went through all the social networking sites.
It has also swept the Chinese market recently and became a hot search product on the internet.

Abroad as the Hand Spinner, it is called fingertip or a finger spiral in China. This is a small toy that use the symmetry structure which can move around the fingers.
Don't look at this little thing, as long as your hand pinches the main shaft, you can rotate it very quickly, and you can't stop it. Even many people think that this product can help them quit smoking, relieve the attention deficit disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, meditation, and boring, etc., which has an effect of sedation.

The hand spinner are driving the carriages of the times and crudely grinding over the traditional hand toys, such as twirling beads, pecans, and pens to become the new favorite of the tech age. From the video shared by most net users, we can find that the finger gyro comes from laser technology. Use laser to cut wood, acrylic, metal and other materials to make different shapes of finger gyro bearing bracket and can also be carved out interesting graphics which can make playthings to reach a high level.

Using laser cutting, we can design various bearing brackets patterns of finger   according to the software, and the utilization rate of the material can be improved by automatic layout. You can also create more fun while playing with wood, acrylic, metal, etc and different patterns of finger gyro.
So, laser technology always brings more inspiration to designers, brings more business opportunities to businesses, and brings us more fun. In this era that full of laser technology, who can use laser technology to create more new products, who will have more opportunities to occupy the market first. Are you out of date?



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