The art of laser collides with bamboo fan

Summer is coming , the exquisite bamboo fan is a kind of fashionable pursuit in the hot summer day. Fans can bring cool, which is a must in summer. China has a reputation for " fan kingdom ".
However, the bamboo fan is not only a kind of daily supplies, but also has a deep cultural background. The culture of Chinese fan is closely related to the bamboo culture and budhist culture. With the rapid development of science and technology, bamboo fan has made a qualitative leap. The laser cutting has made bamboo fans fashionable and it also has made the fan culture shinning again.

The bamboo fan laser cutting machine adopts the principle of high temperature applied to the material that is cut or engraved without touching the object. So, it is high accuracy and high speed. It supports various graphic formats and  stored randomly in the operating system, which can adjust and use at any time. The exquisite bamboo fan made by the laser engraving machine is exquisite handicraft, and also the art. It will always bring beauty of enjoyment to the people.

Compared with the traditional tedious process of bamboo fan, it is much better to make bamboo fan crafts by Hunst laser cutting machine. There are many shortcomings about the traditional process of manufacturing. The first is that the process is tedious and requires at least five steps to make a fan. Secondly, the cost of production for perforated mould is high. The production cycle is long and the cost is increased if we need to provide a sample or get small orders.
Thirdly, with an increasing demand of foreign customers, the original handicraft can not able to meet the requirements of customers, such as various special forms and complicated inner impulse wave, etc. The fourth is that the requirement forability of operator is higher, the training period is long and only few operator can conduct various procedure. The male worker must have certain physical strength. Besides, the working environment is extremely poor, the powder grains produced by the mill cannot be cleaned in time. The traditional manufacturing for bamboo fan can't appeal to the market and must face elimination.

By contrast, Hunst laser technology has distinct advantages. The laser cutting machine can punch, shape, polish, and impulse wave etc without any molds, which required to draw any graphics in a computer and output directly. Any complex graphics can complete easily. The cost of manpower is low because of its easy operation , worker can master operation in half an hour. It is non-polluting and easy to clean. Hunstlaser cutting machine has closely tied to bamboo fan and become more and more popular.



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