Precautions for water Chiller in Winter

If you want to ensure that the laser normal operation:
Should try to ensure that the ambient temperature can not be less than 5 degrees Celsius, and the water cooler temperature setting are the same as ambient temperature ,to meet the normal use of the laser conditions, to avoid failure or affect the stability of the laser performance.

If you want to avoid the laser water cooler in the low-temperature environment of ice, consider the following measures:
1.The recommended method to prevent icing is to keep the water cooler and laser generator at temperatures above 0 .
2.If the above conditions are not met, keep the laser generator and water cooler powered on. If the water in the pipeline is always flowing, ice can be prevented. Of course, if the water-cooled machine due to failure for a long time outage or power outages, there is a certain risk of ice.
3.In the holidays, if the above two points can not,you can laser generator and water-cooled water tanks and water pipes in the pipeline as far as possible emptying.
4.If the above methods are not, add antifreeze (car antifreeze). The addition ratio is 3: 7 (3 for the antifreeze, 7 for water), add antifreeze after the resistance to -20 without freezing, to prevent ice damage to the laser generator and water-cooled machine .

After the need to pay attention to the place:
1.If you want to re-add water back after the holiday, be sure to turn on the pump before the exhaust, otherwise it will damage the pump.
2.To add the antifreeze of the water-cooled machine, after the winter, please note that you can replace the back to normal cooling water, change the water before the entire tank and pipeline antifreeze completely washed, then can change water normally.

If the water chiller and laser generator are not used for a long time, the water in chiller and the pipe should be drained as far as possible.
Please note the following:
1.First of all, according to the usual method of
water-cooled machine inside the water release.
2.Try emptying the water in cooling piping.To remove pipes from a water cooled machine,using compressed gas ventilation inlet and outlet separately,until the water cooler pipe in the water substantially discharged.



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