Laser technology designs unforgettable business card for you

How do we make ourselves stand out in the crowd? As the saying goes, well begun is half done. So, a good business card is a shortcut to successful career. Business cards represent the appearance of the company to a certain extent, and today's business cards are more about branding and personality than just providing information. First, look at your current card. Is it like this?

Ordinary Business Card

1. The same copper-coated paper makes it easy to forget. So that, today, laser sister will share the creative business cards that designed by laser technology for you, which makes it difficult for your customers to forget you.
                                           Paper Business Card 

2. Use laser equipment to cut, hollow out, depict lines and figures on coated paper, sometimes simple sometimes personalized. The same copper-coated paper presents a very different effect.
Wooden Business Card
The same use of laser cutting, punching and engraving, but it appears more retro-artistic atmosphere on the material of wood.

                                            Acrylic Business Card
Designers use the high precision technology of laser engraving to engrave words and patterns on the surface of transparent clear acrylic and add the LED lights, then , press the switch can show the elegant design.
Besides, laser equipment can also engrave your management industry on the business card, which can be a travel agency, furniture store, bakery, coffee shop, etc.

These creative business cards can make deep impression on customers and  absolutely praised by the recipients. It seems like a complex process, but laser processing can achieve it easily. Hunst Laser provides various high quality laser equipment for metal and non-metal processing industry, it was supported by every industry because of its mature and stable technology. Today, we recommend two device that can meet the demand of processing for a variety of non-metal materials. To design a creative and unforgettable business card for you.



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