Laser cutting machine for cake inserted cards

The birthday cake, which was originally owned by the king, but now whether happy or unhappy, it is available whenever you want. A cake is indispensable for birthday, party of friends, full moon of babies, weddings and anniversaries. In order to give the cake different meanings, it needs to be expressed through cake decorations. The cake inserted card is one of the most romantic way to express, which can give us an unique visual impact decorated with cake inserted card laser cutting machine.

paper cake inserted card

wood cake inserted card


acrylic cake inserted card     

Advanced laser cutting machine for cake inserted card can meet the processing for various kinds of materials, such as the paper, wood, acrylic, plastic, and cloth and other materials. The graphics are diverse and any complex graphics can be done by software drawing, which is suitable for all kinds of cake decoration at various dinner parties. Let every type of inserted card designed only for you and make the atmosphere of banquet more warm and touching because of the CARDS!
The core configurations, such as laser machine, reflector and focus lens of this machine are all adopted the best brands at home and abroad to ensure the performance and stability of the equipment.It is also equipped with self-developed software and motion controller by our company and adopted high speed interpolation motion algorithm to achieve machine running rapidly and smoothly. It supports power failure recovery, processing time prediction that suits for the processing of wood products, bamboo products, paper, plastic, leather, cloth, acrylic and other non-metal materials. The powerful CNC programming software combined with the high-performance fuselage solves the problem of the variety of inserted card and complicated processing, which is a necessary tool for cake decoration.
The cake inserted card is the most artistic builder of the cake, and the cake inserted card laser cutting machine is the most romantic baker of the cake inserted card.



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