Laser cutting for wood lamp can also be so beautiful

Be the neighbor of nature and comfort is the desire of modern home decoration. The solid wood can always give a feeling of plain and warm. Do you ever thought of using laser machine to cut wood and create an unique wooden lamp for yourself? Let the light be soft because of the solid wood and let the solid wood become more narrative. In fact, designers have shown this art to us.

Designer Eduard Golikov made this elegant wooden sculpture whale lamp from birch, which cut each piece of wood by laser and assembled it into a series of concentric circles. It can be hung on or placed on the table, and it looks like a light body floating in the water that is dreamlike and fairytale.

Wooden bulbs -- It looks like a big rid wooden light bulb, which actually surrounded by laser cut wood frame and the middle of it is a glass bulb. Whether it hangs on the ceiling and wall, or put it on the table and floor is quite beautiful.

Wood has been given new life and energy under the transformation of laser technology. We have seen laser cutting machine for wood products, but it is the first time to see such sweet and personalized wood lamp for me. Today, let me share the common laser cutting machine ETC-1309 of Hunst Laser with you. Use one type of laser cutting machine to cut various wood products.



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