French fashion underwear over hundred years。 The sexy of French starts from lace!

What do we discuss when talking about French sexuality? The best spokesmen for French sexuality are beautiful, stylish, happy, and independent French women. They always have an innate feminine that shows deep feelings and romance. What is the difference between you and these sexy, elegant French women?  The answer is an Etam underwear.

The underwear that understands French sexy naturally that they won't miss the element of lace. The underwear inherits the traditions of French over hundred years and the unique designs of symbolic lace are all hand-drawn by designers. Together with French prestigious craft master made Etam series of lace underwear. There are 15 types of suits, including three models that are specially designed for Chinese women. And based on seasons and trend of fashions, there are totally 13 colors can choose.

Lace without borders, women love lace and underwear is even more so. But Chinese women prefer delicate lace products because they are fresh, romantic and comfortable. But in the eyes of French women, the lace element symbolizes the independence and elegance of mature women, which shows sexuality. The different style of lace underwear shows different beauty of female.
Such exquisite lace material, of course, the lace laser cutting machine of the Hunst laser not be missed. The following are the lace laser machine.

After more than three years of research and development, Hunst laser cutting machine for lace specially, which successfully achieved the addition of exclusive deformation matching algorithm to the current visual recognition and mistake handling of auto-feeding cause the special technology of recognition about lace flower design.

The machine combines advantages of image recognition software of core visual, machine movement system with the whole machine structure and all-round technology design to achieve automatic recognition of high-speed and multi flower design of lace shape cutting in one-time, realization of whole roll of the materials auto-feeding and cutting in one-time.
The breakthrough of this technological problem marked the birth of new generation of the technology of lace cutting. With this technology put into use, not only means that Hunst technology of lace cutting has reached the industry-leading level, but also means that the lace laser cutting machine in place of manual cutting are no longer exist! 



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