Do not miss the beautiful dress-Camera positioning cutting for trademark and label

In order to achieve the processing for patterns of trademark, label, applique embroidery, Hunst Laser constantly innovates and develops a series of camera positioning laser cutting machine that suitable for trademark and label. From then on, it is convenient for clothing, shoes, plush toys, home textile and other industries. Delicacy and precision make production easier and faster.

Trademark, label, applique embroidery applied in various products

So, what are the advantage of Hunst laser camera positioning laser cutting machine? Let's talk about that.
1.The high-end technical system. Hunst laser camera positioning laser cutting machine uses the world most advanced DSP technology and camera positioning image recognition system, which can achieve curve slice rapidly and continuously. In the case of high-speed operation, the cutting line is not deformed and the cutting curve is not distorted.

2. Productivity increased by 10% to 20%. Time is the benefits. The Hunst Laser with close-to-customer service develops the software of shortest cutting route that can help you save 10% to 20% of the time.
3.Avoid tedious operation and realize precise cutting. The visual system takes into the computer, the laser head can automatically search the work piece through the computer program and achieve precise positioning, cutting without error of edge. The operator can operate quickly and skillfully after simple training.
4.It is multi-functional and widely used. In addition to apply in trademark, applique embroidery, and label, it can also cut other flexible fabrics such as swimsuits, sports clothes, bras and plush toys etc.



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