Art map - laser cutting machine walks all over the world

Art comes from the nature. Maps are the vocabulary of geography. Put cultural and artistic connotation into maps or show the rich geographical information in art works has became the map of art.

Designers like to take map as the footage and use a variety of materials, tools to show unique map of art. So, what kind of art style the laser cutting machine will be when walking on the map?

Wooden topographic map

One art institutions Below the Boat made wooden 3d contour map. Cut the wood according to the shape of each layer of contour with laser cutting machine, then get them over layed and adhere them together, finally, paint them and form this kind of the textured decorations and artworks.

The art of paper sculpture map

Artist Claire Brewster made the delicate and exquisite paper sculpture. He used discarded and out-style maps to make models, like birds, insects and plants, etc. Then pinned them to the wall. This is more environmental friendly.
Both wood and paper maps can become unripe brightness under laser processing. As the above artwork, the laser technology can give the map a new looking. So, today, we will recommend you a new upgrade wide used  laser cutting machine of Hunst laser to bloom the art of nonmetal material.
Features of equipment: Multifunctional equipment which is a new form that suitable for ergonomics and social aesthetics with perfect appearance and talents. Core configuration such as laser machine, reflection lens and focus lens all adopts the best brands at home and abroad to guarantee the performance and stability. It is also equipped with self-developed soft ware and motion controller by our company and adopting high speed interpolation motion algorithm to achieve machine running rapidly and smoothly. It supports power failure recovery, processing time prediction and working hours prediction can be up to the millisecond.
Advantages of processing: It applies for the trend of production technology in wood, paper and nonmetal industries with high accuracy, high speed, and easy operation. Any graphic designs can be drafted by software. Use the laser beam of high power density projected on the surface of materials to cut or make skeleton designs accurately and rapidly. In addition, without cutting die cutter during the process of laser engraving, the paper consumption is smaller and the yield rate is higher.



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