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French fashion underwear over hundred years。 The sexy of French starts from lace!

What do we discuss when talking about French sexuality? The best spokesmen for French sexuality are beautiful, stylish, happy, and independent French women. They always have an innate feminine that shows deep feelings and romance. What is the difference between you and these sexy, elegant French women?  The answer is an Etam underwear.
The underwear that understands French sexy naturally that they won't miss the element of lace. The underwear inherits the traditions of French over hundred years and the unique designs of symbolic lace are all hand-drawn by designers. Together with French prestigious craft master made Etam series of lace underwear. There are 15 types of suits, including three models that are specially designed for Chinese women. And based on seasons and trend of fashions, there are totally 13 colors can choose.
Lace without borders, women love lace and underwear is even more so. But Chinese women prefer delicate lace products because they are fresh, romantic and comfo…

The newest popular Hand Spinner comes from laser technology

Since last year, the North American market was hit by a kind of small toy and they went through all the social networking sites. It has also swept the Chinese market recently and became a hot search product on the internet.
Abroad as the Hand Spinner, it is called fingertip or a finger spiral in China. This is a small toy that use the symmetry structure which can move around the fingers. Don't look at this little thing, as long as your hand pinches the main shaft, you can rotate it very quickly, and you can't stop it. Even many people think that this product can help them quit smoking, relieve the attention deficit disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, meditation, and boring, etc., which has an effect of sedation.
The hand spinner are driving the carriages of the times and crudely grinding over the traditional hand toys, such as twirling beads, pecans, and pens to become the new favorite of the tech age. From the video shared by most net users, w…

Which industry for these three types of laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine Fiberlaser marking machine for the application industry: Can be marked metal materials and some non-metallic materials, especially for some of the more demanding, higher accuracy and higher requirements for smooth areas, widely used in electronic separation components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical circuits, mobile communications, Hardware, tools, kitchenware, tool accessories, precision instruments, glasses watches and clocks, computer keyboards, jewelry accessories, cars accessories, plastic buttons, plumbing accessories, sanitary ware, PVC pipe, medical equipment, packaging bottles and so on.

Carbon dioxide laser marking machine Carbon dioxide laser marking machine for the application industry:
Can be applied to the cutting of the main materials are wood products, paper, fabric leather, plexiglass , epoxy resin, acrylic, unsaturated polyester resin and other non-metallic materials. Widely used in craft gifts, furniture, leather clothing, advertising si…

The art of laser collides with bamboo fan

Summer is coming , the exquisite bamboo fan is a kind of fashionable pursuit in the hot summer day. Fans can bring cool, which is a must in summer. China has a reputation for " fan kingdom ". However, the bamboo fan is not only a kind of daily supplies, but also has a deep cultural background. The culture of Chinese fan is closely related to the bamboo culture and budhist culture. With the rapid development of science and technology, bamboo fan has made a qualitative leap. The laser cutting has made bamboo fans fashionable and it also has made the fan culture shinning again.
The bamboo fan laser cutting machine adopts the principle of high temperature applied to the material that is cut or engraved without touching the object. So, it is high accuracy and high speed. It supports various graphic formats and  stored randomly in the operating system, which can adjust and use at any time. The exquisite bamboo fan made by the laser engraving machine is exquisite handicraft, and also…

use Hunst #lasercutter to cut sport #Jersey


Laser cutting machine for cake inserted cards

The birthday cake, which was originally owned by the king, but now whether happy or unhappy, it is available whenever you want. A cake is indispensable for birthday, party of friends, full moon of babies, weddings and anniversaries. In order to give the cake different meanings, it needs to be expressed through cake decorations. The cake inserted card is one of the most romantic way to express, which can give us an unique visual impact decorated with cake inserted card laser cutting machine.

paper cake inserted card

wood cake inserted card

acrylic cake inserted card     

Advanced laser cutting machine for cake inserted card can meet the processing for various kinds of materials, such as the paper, wood, acrylic, plastic, and cloth and other materials. The graphics are diverse and any complex graphics can be done by software drawing, which is suitable for all kinds of cake decoration at various dinner parties. Let every type of inserted card designed only for you and make the atmosphere of …

Would you like to buy laser marking fruits?

Safety and environmental are always the pursuit of people, but the paper label on the goods consumes energy and causes pollution. As the higher requirements for production, anti-fake and management of goods, laser tag, a brand new environmental, multi-functional and has good anti-counterfeiting function of new science and technology is is widely used which is made by CO2 laser engraving machine. The principle of CO2 laser engraving machine CO2 laser engraving machine is using high power laser beam to remove the skin color of the food, like a tattoo engraved on the label, which includes price, brand and expiration date, etc. Fruits that has peel such as apple, banana, and coconut are applicable.

What are the advantages of CO2 laser engraving machine?
The biggest advantage of CO2 laser engraving machine is that can avoid the label off and has no effect on the life and taste of food. It doesn’t need to consume material such as paper, ink, or glue, which can reduce the consumption of energy a…

Laser cutting for wood lamp can also be so beautiful

Be the neighbor of nature and comfort is the desire of modern home decoration. The solid wood can always give a feeling of plain and warm. Do you ever thought of using laser machine to cut wood and create an unique wooden lamp for yourself? Let the light be soft because of the solid wood and let the solid wood become more narrative. In fact, designers have shown this art to us.

Designer Eduard Golikov made this elegant wooden sculpture whale lamp from birch, which cut each piece of wood by laser and assembled it into a series of concentric circles. It can be hung on or placed on the table, and it looks like a light body floating in the water that is dreamlike and fairytale.

Wooden bulbs -- It looks like a big rid wooden light bulb, which actually surrounded by laser cut wood frame and the middle of it is a glass bulb. Whether it hangs on the ceiling and wall, or put it on the table and floor is quite beautiful.
Wood has been given new life and energy under the transformation of laser tec…

Laser technology designs unforgettable business card for you

How do we make ourselves stand out in the crowd? As the saying goes, well begun is half done. So, a good business card is a shortcut to successful career. Business cards represent the appearance of the company to a certain extent, and today's business cards are more about branding and personality than just providing information. First, look at your current card. Is it like this?

Ordinary Business Card
1. The same copper-coated paper makes it easy to forget. So that, today, laser sister will share the creative business cards that designed by laser technology for you, which makes it difficult for your customers to forget you.                                            Paper Business Card
2. Use laser equipment to cut, hollow out, depict lines and figures on coated paper, sometimes simple sometimes personalized. The same copper-coated paper presents a very different effect. Wooden Business Card The same use of laser cutting, punching and engraving, but it appears more retro-artistic atmosp…

Do not miss the beautiful dress-Camera positioning cutting for trademark and label

In order to achieve the processing for patterns of trademark, label, applique embroidery, Hunst Laser constantly innovates and develops a series of camera positioning laser cutting machine that suitable for trademark and label. From then on, it is convenient for clothing, shoes, plush toys, home textile and other industries. Delicacy and precision make production easier and faster.
Trademark, label, applique embroidery applied in various products
So, what are the advantage of Hunst laser camera positioning laser cutting machine? Let's talk about that.1.The high-end technical system. Hunst laser camera positioning laser cutting machine uses the world most advanced DSP technology and camera positioning image recognition system, which can achieve curve slice rapidly and continuously. In the case of high-speed operation, the cutting line is not deformed and the cutting curve is not distorted.
2. Productivity increased by 10% to 20%. Time is the benefits. The Hunst Laser with close-to-cus…

Art map - laser cutting machine walks all over the world

Art comes from the nature. Maps are the vocabulary of geography. Put cultural and artistic connotation into maps or show the rich geographical information in art works has became the map of art.

Designers like to take map as the footage and use a variety of materials, tools to show unique map of art. So, what kind of art style the laser cutting machine will be when walking on the map?

Wooden topographic map

One art institutions Below the Boat made wooden 3d contour map. Cut the wood according to the shape of each layer of contour with laser cutting machine, then get them over layed and adhere them together, finally, paint them and form this kind of the textured decorations and artworks.
The art of paper sculpture map
Artist Claire Brewster made the delicate and exquisite paper sculpture. He used discarded and out-style maps to make models, like birds, insects and plants, etc. Then pinned them to the wall. This is more environmental friendly. Both wood and paper maps can become unripe bright…

The technical exploration of laser engraving machine to several common materials

Laser engraving machine is everywhere. The materials that used laser engraving machine is too much. Today, we will gather some common materials for everyone and the method of laser engraving  for your reference.

1.Acrylic (a type of plexiglass )
                                                                     Acrylic display stand
Acrylic is widely used in the advertising industry. There are all kinds of shapes and sizes, relatively, the cost is low. In general, acrylic takes the way of back engraving that means to engrave in the front of it and see at the back of it, which makes the product more stereoscopic. When we are back engraving, please mirror image, which the speed of engraving is high and the power is low. Acrylic is easy to cut. In order to improve the quality of cutting, we should use the blower. When the thickness of acrylic is more than 8mm, we should change the large size of the lens. (notes: the operator shall not leave when cutting acrylic. Because there may be a fla…

Precautions for water Chiller in Winter

If you want to ensure that the laser normal operation: Should try to ensure that the ambient temperature can not be less than 5 degrees Celsius, and the water cooler temperature setting are the same as ambient temperature ,to meet the normal use of the laser conditions, to avoid failure or affect the stability of the laser performance.
If you want to avoid the laser water cooler in the low-temperature environment of ice, consider the following measures: 1.The recommended method to prevent icing is to keep the water cooler and laser generator at temperatures above 0 ℃. 2.If the above conditions are not met, keep the laser generator and water cooler powered on. If the water in the pipeline is always flowing, ice can be prevented. Of course, if the water-cooled machine due to failure for a long time outage or power outages, there is a certain risk of ice. 3.In the holidays, if the above two points can not,you can laser generator and water-cooled water tanks and water pipes in the pipeline as…