The cause of the water mist on laser cutting machine protector lens

In the process of cutting, auxiliary gas is indispensable. we often use the oxygen and nitrogen. Of course, the higher purity of the gas, the better quality it cuts. There are many customers want to save costs by air cutting, but the problem is that the protector lenses during cutting are always having water mist. So that the efficiency of cutting is very poor. Do you know why?

First of all, everyone should know the role of auxiliary gas.
1.In order to blow away the residual slag and achieve the best cutting effect.

2.Using gas blow away the metal slag protection lens, avoid the slag stick attached to the lens, influence the cutting quality.

3. It can effectively achieve cutting surface bright and clean without burr and  slag, which belongs to the precise cutting.

4. It can react with material, which increases the cutting speed, for example, using oxygen can achieve the result of combustion.

So, in order to achieve great cutting effect, the requirement of auxiliary gas is higher.The air can be used as auxiliary gas, but the air contains water and oil, if it not treated, can cause the lens pollution and cutting head unstable. These could lead to the cutting effect and the quality that are not up to the standard. So, when using air cutting, we need to equip fiber laser cutting machine with air dryer that is good to solve this problem. Air dryer can cool the compressed air below the dew point temperature of the requirements, which may contribute to the large amount of water vapor and oil mist condenses into liquid drop through the gas-liquid separation that discharge outside the machine by drainage to make the compressed air dry.



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