Requirement for date printing of drug is so strict! Can laser do it?

In recent years, because of the rapid development of laser occupation, laser marking machine also comes into our life at lighting speed and enter into various industries rapidly. Now, it is known to wide users, especially the medicine industry, which is widely used. Laser marking as a new generation of marking method is a major highlight.

The medicine industry is very strict with the cleanness of drugs. Laser marking machine not only high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, but more important is safe, clean, non-toxic, non-polluting.

It was reported that the common way of printing marks is not safe and environmental because the paint contains toxic substances. Secondly, as the special products, health products and medicines even more need to assign a code on the packaging in order to meet the strict requirements for traceability . Laser marking machine accurately marks the exquisite and clear lasting picture or text, which can not be wiped or modified and has the effect of anti-counterfeit. At the same time, the laser marking would not damage the processing products without mechanical kneading or mechanical strain.

The laser marking of Hunst Laser is very successful in the use of food and medicine industry, which was liked and praised by both home and abroad. The relationship between laser marking and the medicine industry is the fusion and development between technology and biology.

Automatic marking process without touching and pollution, low cost(no consumables) and low fault rate (free of protect). It can be well anti-counterfeiting and cross-boundary for marked products. The function of this machine is stable. It can meet the needs of massive industrial production with its ability of working for 24 hours constantly.



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