Pig gets an electronic ID card identified by scanning

HQ code ear tag is an component of information storage for animal identification traceability, which hangs on the ear when pig was born. Since then, the birth of the animal, immunization, quarantine, transportation and slaughter from birth to death and all the archives information will be stored in the ear tag. This information comes into a unique HQ code, after translated by reader, the information will be transmitted to a central database to achieve the online management on animal epidemic prevention and information of animal product safety.

Each HQ code is consists of the principal mark and auxiliary mark. The front of principal mark post code message that be composed of QR code and numeric code. The total bit of numeric code is 15, which are composed of animal species, zoning code and serial number of identification. Among them, the first bit stands for the type of animal (1 is pig, 2 is cattle, 3 is sheep), bit 2 to bit 7 stand for zoning code and bit 8 to bit 15 are the only encoding.

HQ code ear tag achieves to identify animals by laser marking equipment to mark on the ear tag. The speed of laser marking is high. The HQ code ear tag is wear-resistant and it has the features of small size, high density, large capacity, low cost, which is suitable for marking on the small parts. When abraded orpolluted, it can be read correctly. It adopts the private code of encryption industry, which has the function of anti-fake. The truth inquiry can be check on the online Animal Health Supervision. Customers can also get the information about the certification of origin of pig and the quarantine inspectors.

In order to appeal to requirements of market, Hunst laser has independently developed many kinds of metal and nonmetal marking machine with superior quality. According to client requirements of processing, the machine can be equipped with rotary working table, rotary rounded fixture and automatic production line that greatly improve the working efficiency. It also adopts the digital high speed scanning galvanometer with self-owned brand that reaches the international advanced level. The imported laser machine can guarantee the superior quality of laser beam and it can mark on special material without shadow and virtual broken to realize perfect effect of marking.



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