Laser will "play" - in the application of the children's educational toys

In the time of paying attention to children's growthall parents want to give their children a better care. So in the child growth, the toy is indispensable. But the skin of children are more delicate. General children's toys need to be more careful to avoid damage to the baby delicate skin.

Let's take a look at the application of laser cutting machine in children's educational toys. Recommend Hunst series of high-precision laser cutting machine, which can be fine to deal with every detail.

                                              laser cutting eva

From pictures we can see that the finished products are not black edge, not yellow edge after cutting, The edge is very smooth and neat without burr. Parents choose this kind of children's educational toys and children can be at ease use.

The advantages of laser cutting machine:
1.The laser line is fine
2. No yellow edge, no burnt edge
3.Laser machine have long service life
                                                    laser cutting for wood toys



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